Grandma, A Thousand Times | تيتا ألف مرّة

Directed by Mahmoud Kaabour

Lebanon, Qatar, UAE - 2010 - Color - 50’ - Arabic with English subtitles
With Fatima el Ghoul and Mahmoud Kaabour

Mahmoud Kaabour
Muriel Aboulrouss
Patricia Heneine
Nabil Amarshi
Produced by :
Veritas Films
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The film is a poetic documentary that puts a feisty Beiruti grandmother at the center of brave film exercises designed to commemorate her many worlds before they are erased by the passage of time and her eventual death.

Teta Fatima is the 83-year old matriarch of the Kaabour family and the sharp-witted queen bee of an old Beiruti quarter. With great intimacy, the film documents her larger-than-life character as she struggles to cope with the silence of her once-buzzing house and imagines what awaits her beyond death. Meanwhile, her beloved violinist husband (deceased 20 years) is both an essential absence and presence. His features manifest through the face of their filmmaker grandson while his previously unpublished violin improvisations weave through her world and that of the film. Teta, Alf Marra brings together grandfather, grandmother and grandson in a playful documentary that aims to defy a past death and a future one.

Director's biography


Mahmoud Kaabour is an award-winning filmmaker and writer from Beirut, Lebanon.Upon graduating with distinction from the Mel Oppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal, he went on to the National Film Board of Canada and the Evening News at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.His first documentary “Being Osama” was labeled the quintessential film about the Arab Diaspora, receiving four international awards to date and playing on 12 international channels.Since moving to Dubai in 2005, he has been directing and producing high-end corporate films and cultural works for major GCC companies and government entities. He has also been a guest lecturer for a number of institutes and organizations, including Al Jazeera and Starcom.He is producing his upcoming documentary “MetroSufi” about the profound implications of Sufism in urban Europe.Mahmoud is the managing director of the production house, Veritas Films.



2010 :
Grandma, a Thousand Times
Being Osama

festivals & awards


2011 :
Best Film Award in the “Celebrate Age” category at the Mumbai Film Festival, India
Best Film Award at the London International Documentary Film Festival, UK
Audience Award for Best International Documentary at Dox Box, Syria

2010 :

Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Doha TriBeCa Film Festival, Qatar

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