Students’ Short Films (3)

Thursday December 1st

The Program

The Sin (Elie Sawaya, AUST) :

‘FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH’ (Rom 6:23). His verdict is out: to sentence her to death. As Karma topples his fate, he wakes up in the womb of the dark. Now, six feet underground, Khalil Fayyad is not ready to die.

Baloon (Pia Haddah, LAU) :

Milia is much touched by the story of the balloons that her father reads to her. When her parents fight, she continuously tries to reach her father to celebrate Christmas with him and open her gifts. But her many attempts fail because of her mother. She decides to leave the house in search of the balloon that will resolve her problem.

Anarchy (Beatrice Moukhalber, NDU) :

Karim, Sarah and Sami are heading to a new nightclub owned by Karim’s dad, Mr. Khazen. Karim, a very twisted boy, tries to drug Sarah to get something out of her. Fouad, a well-known detective gets a phone call on a murder and goes to check the crime scene out, but what he didn’t
expect turns out to be an inside job.


Eight-year-old Rony has lost his best friend, Jacko, but has no one to talk to about it. What is it going to be like for Rony to overcome by himself his first death experience?

My Grandfather’s photo (Wassim Geagea, UL) :

7-year-old Issam is only missing a developed picture of his grandfather to complete his film. But what will it cost him to get it?

To Baalbeck (Samir Syriani, USEK) :

An odd couple, Raya and Salloum, decides to visit the famous site of Baalbek with a red convertible. They set off on their search, sometimes with no clear directions in the desiccated desert. Perplexed, they will face the strangest situations. The path eventually takes over, and the destination is lost.

Master of Puppets (Bachir Hajj, IESAV-USJ) :

Young man Julien returns home by car. He takes an unforeseen detour that the leads to a small village. He soon discovers the village people are mannequins! Feeling devastated, will he make it out of this bizarre town?