Melodrama Habibi | ميلودراما حبيبي

Directed by Hani Tamba

France, Lebanon - 2008 - Color - 98’ - Arabic and French with subtitles
With Patrick Chesnais, Pierrette Katrib, Gabriel Yammine, Julia Kassar

Hani Tamba
Emmanuel Soyer
Khaled Mouzanar
Produced by :
Emmanuel Agneray , Jérôme Bleitrach
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In the 1970′s, Bruno Caprice was briefly successful with his first and only hit single, “Quand tu t’en vas”. Completely forgotten today, he earns a living as a receptionist in a luxury hotel in Paris. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Bruno has the blues. But an unexpected phone call changes his life. A rich Lebanese businessman wants him to come sing in Beirut. In Lebanon, his song is still on people’s minds…

Director's biography


Hani Tamba was born in Beirut. He studied graphic design in the UK and worked as a freelance illustrator in London for many years before moving on to directing. His film After Shave (2004) won the French “Cesar” for Best Short Feature in 2006 as well as numerous awards at festivals around the world. He has just completed his first full-length feature “Melodrama Habibi” (aka: Une Chanson dans la Tete) to be released in France and Belgium on August 13th 2008.



Mabrouk Again
2002 :
Du poil de la bête…
2005 :
After Shave (Beyrouth après-rasage)
2008 :
Melodrama Habibi

festivals & awards


2009 :
Seattle International Film Festival
Official Selection
2008 :
Brussels International Film Festival:
Audience Award
Dubai International Film Festival:
Arabian Nights Selection

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