Students Short Films (2)

Sunday November 27th

The Program

Eveil (Mohamed Sabbah, ALBA) :

Au 21e siècle, la jeunesse vit-elle le sexe comme un tabou ? C’est l’histoire d’une adolescente…

A Taste of Chocolate (Rita Armaleh, AUT) :

After a devastating heartbreak, Yara, a young woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery, which enables her to understand that all things happen for a reason and that no matter how ‘bitter’ and dark things appear to be, there is always something ‘sweet’ and bright that comes out at the end.

Service Madame? (Michel el Rahi, NDU) :

Habib is a cab driver in his early thirties. He loves collecting his pictures with various females that he encounters in his car. One day he picks up the wife of a policeman and takes her home. A chain reaction of events puts the characters in a difficult position.

نقطة فاصلة | Nokta Fasleh (Jawad Bou Jaoude, Al-KAFAAT) :

A day like any other; an accident; a devastated mother. “Nokta Fasleh” or the breaking point in Salwa’s life. From here, there is a before and an after, a life with a joyful past, and a future ruled by the shadow of her loved one. Her will to live become an expectation of death to walk alongside her son. (Inspired by a true story)

Maakarona (Haydar Salloum, UNIVERSITE ANTONINE) :

Fourty-year-old Rola is a married woman who lives and works in Beirut’s southern suburbs. She trusts her daughter, Dima, allowing her to bring her classmates Hisham and Bassam, into their home. Soon enough, Dima betrays her mother’s trust.

Coup d’oeil (Fred Nasr, UL) :

9-year-old Tarek has an instant crush on Maya, his beautiful 25-year-old neighbor. So he starts spying on her using a spyglass, and through its lens, he changes forever…