Students Short Films (1)

Saturday November 26th

The Program

Small Fish (Lucien Chakar, ALBA) :

A strange love story in a close world where shyness reigns… A colourful and romantic environment with many aquariums.

أمي | Oummi (ُEllo Chayeb, AUT) :

A young boy is teased by kids because his mom has one eye and wore a patch. As he grew up, he decided to leave her and move to Beirut

Comedy is Cruel (Nouhad Hachicho, AUST) :

Donnie is a standup comedian who loves his profession to an extent that leads him to a conflict with his wife, Becca. Life calls Donnie to choose between his wife and his profession. Which would come first: his work or his family?

Nagham (Ibrahim Hamandi, LAU) :

Hani wakes up late at night. Unable to sleep again, he decides to take a stroll in Beirut’s empty streets. As he stops for a cigarette break, a car drops off a beautiful woman who leans on a wall on the sidewalk. Hani’s curiosity leads him to a series of awkward encounters to find out more about this mysterious beauty.

Aray (Joelle Kozhaya, AL-KAFAAT) :

Teenager Yara has no friends at all. She lives her own life, opposing anyone who stands in her way. One day, she is kidnapped and forced into a cinema hall where she is shown scenes from her life and the consequences of her peculiar acts. Yara decides to start acting naturally but it’s her entourage that would react the way she
used to.

ملح | Salt (Léa Lahoud, USEK) :

A lost soul living in one of Beirut’s abandoned houses is roaming this ghostly city under construction. Aimlessly wondering while wandering, swimming through layers of Beirut and of her own memory, she finds she has lost the ability to cry while trying to bury what seemed like a dream of love and loss.

بعدني هون | Still Here (P. Joseph Abi Hanna, IESAV-USJ)

Youssef enters a deep comatose state following a car accident. Nine months later his uncle decides to terminate his life by stopping the life support machine. The soul of the comatose Youssef comes out of his body to defend his life. Youssef or his soul meets a little girl and asks her to help him prove its existence.