A Man of Honor | إنسان شريف

Directed by Jean-Claude Codsi Daily at 15:00, 17:15, 19:45, and 22:30

Lebanon - 2011 - 87' - In Arabic with English subtitles
With Majdi Machmouchi, Caroline Hatem, Mahmoud Said, Chadi Haddad, Rana Khalil, Bernadette Hodeib

Jean-Claude Codsi
Michael Lagerwey
Carine Doumit
Toufic Farroukh
Produced by :
Michel Ghosn / AFLAM FILMS
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Brahim sells cars in his “Brahim Auto Park” located in Lebanon. Apart from his secretary and his clients, he is in contact with nobody. He lives a lonely life.

Brahim has a chance encounter with Leila. Because of her, he committed a murder 20 years ago in Jordan. He was forced to play dead and flee incognito to Lebanon, leaving behind his wife and son who think he “died a hero”.

His encounter with Leila makes him go back home to face his past and his people.

A MAN OF HONOR recounts the journey of a man struggling against his ossified tribal community. Where group cohesion comes first, how is it possible to defend individual rights, especially when that individual is a woman?

Forced to deal with reality and myths, with shame, revenge and honor crimes, how far will Brahim go in order to regain his dignity?

Director's biography


Born in Lebanon, Jean-Claude Codsi started as an engineering student at Saint Joseph University.

He shifted then to film studies in Belgium and obtained a degree at the INSAS – Brussels.

He was Burhan Alawiyeh’s assistant on “Kafar Kassem” and editor of his docudrama films for Arte: “Letters from War,” “Letters from Exile,” and “Assouan.”

He wrote and directed his first feature film ãna el Awãn (Time Has Come) in 1994. It is a homecoming story: 2 people who had fled because of the war, return to Lebanon. The film chronicles their reconciliation with the past. ãna el Awãn earned a Bayard (the jury award) at the Namur Francophone Film Festival. It has been shown in many festivals around the world. It is somehow “the first Lebanese post-war film.”

He has taught scriptwriting and film directing since 1997 at IESAV, the audiovisual Institute of Saint Joseph University in Beirut.

Insanon Charif (A Man of Honor) is his second feature film.