A Play Entitled Sehnsucht

Directed by Badran Roy Badran Starting July 12, daily at 17:30, 19:30, 21:30

Lebanon - 2012 - 74’ - In Arabic, English, German, with English and Arabic subtitles
With Vartan Meguerditchian, Christian Ghazi, Gianni Fau, Adony Maalouf, Cyril Bassil, Ghady Yaghi, Ziad Najjar

Badran Roy Badran
Ziad Chahoud
Zeina Nehmeh
Rasmus Winther Jensen and Sami Gabriel
Creative Producer/Production Designer:
Celine Abiad
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A mesmeric journey inside the mind of Bernard Zeidan the mental Lebanese astronomer who once saw a planet exploding!

Hypnosis makes Bernard visualize a whole play performed inside his subconscious.