Directed by Neil Jordan On the 3rd of March

Ireland - 1982 - Color - 88' - English with English subtitles
With Stephan Rea, Ray McNally, and Donal McCann

Neil Jordan
Chris Menges
J. Patrick Duffner
Produced by :
: Film4
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Set in a Northern Ireland beset by paramilitary extortion rackets, “Angel” follows the story of Danny (Stephen Rea), a saxophonist with a traveling band witnesses the gangland murder of the band’s manager at a dancehall in South Armagh. There is little explicit reference to the “Troubles” but the violence and insecurity serve as a backdrop to Danny’s quest to hunt down the murderers. In doing so his relationship with Deirdre, the singer in his band, falls apart and he becomes a murderer himself.

*This feature film will be preceded by the screening of the short film: “Needle Exchange” (2011, 10′, colour, English) dir.: Colm Quinn*

Director biography


When John Boorman was filming “Excalibur” in Ireland, he recruited Jordan as a script consultant, which led to his doing second unit work. His first feature “Angel”, a tale of a musician caught up in the “Troubles”, starred Stephen Rea who has subsequently appeared in almost all of Jordan’s films to date. As a writer/director, Jordan has a highly idiosyncratic body of work, ranging from mainstream hits like “Interview with the Vampire” to commercial failures like “We’re No Angels” to a variety of more personal, low-budget arthouse pictures.