Beirut Zero 11 | 11 بيروت صفر

Directed by Antoine Remy On June, 13 at 20:00

Lebanon - 1967 - 90’ - Black & White - Digi Beta - In Arabic without subtitles
with Sabah, Ihsan Sadek, Nadia Jamal

Mouhssen Samrani
Elias Sofr
Mohamed Abbas
Michel Tohme and Elias Al Rahbani
Produced by :
Tannous Franjieh
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تمثال اثري باهظ الثمن. يتم اختفاءه وتتصارع عصابتان للاستحواذ عليه فيتعقبهم رجل البوليس وفريقه كي يتم الايقاع بكل المجرمين.

Two smuggling gangs are vying for a priceless statue but when the police start to investigate, they have to make off with the loot before they land in jail.