Bergman Island | Farö ( A documentary on Ingmar Bergman by Marie Nyreröd )

Directed by Marie Nyreröd On the 3rd of February with the presence of the Director : Marie Nyreröd

Sweden - 2006- Color & Black and White - 83' - Swedish with English subtitles
With Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Börje Ahlstedt, Julia Dufvenius, Gunnel Fred

Arne Carlsson
Per Nyström
Produced by :
:Sveriges Television, Svensk Filmindustri,
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After the completion of his final film Saraband in 2003 and just four years before his death, Ingmar Bergman sat down with Swedish documentarian Marie Nyreröd at his home on Fårö Island to discuss his extensive career but also his regrets, fears and liaisons with many of his lead actresses.

festival & award


Audience Award Best Foreign Documentary, 2005 São Paulo International Film Festival

“I’ve often been asked what it was like directing the world’s foremost director. It was easy. Either he said yes or he said no. He said yes to answering any question at all. He said no to bicycling or swimming in front of the camera. I respected that.”

Marie Nyreröd