Bloody Sunday

Directed by Paul Greengrass On the 3rd of March

Ireland - 2002- Color - 105' - English
With James Nesbitt and Gerald McSorley

Paul Greengrass
Ivan Strasburg
Clare Douglas
Produced by :
: Paramount Classics
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“Bloody Sunday” follows the events of the Bloody Sunday massacre on 30 January 1972, when British Army paratroopers fired on marchers belonging to the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in the city of Derry, killing 14 people. The massacre is seen as a key event in the deepening and entrenchment of the “Troubles,” the 30 year period of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. The film traces the events of that day through the eyes of Ivan Cooper (James Nesbitt), a civil rights activist and Catholic member of the parliament of Northern Ireland.

*This feature film will be preceded by the screening of the short film: “Small Change” (2010, 18′, colour, English) dir.:Cathy Brady*

** Civil rights activist and subject of this film, Ivan Cooper, will attend the screening and lead a discussion with the audience following the film**



Director biography


Greengrass was born in Cheam, Surrey and first worked as a director in the 1980s, for the ITV current affairs programme World in Action. At the same time he co-authored the notorious book “Spycatcher” with Peter Wright, former assistant director of MI5, which contained enough sensitive information that the British Government made an unsuccessful attempt to ban it. He then moved into drama, directing made-for-television films such as “The One That Got Away,” based on Chris Ryan’s book about SAS actions in the Gulf War, and “The Fix,” based on the story of the betting scandal which shook British football in 1964.

festival & award


Winner at Sundance and the BAFTAs.