DVD Launch and Release

DVD Launch and Release

MC Distribution has the pleasure to announce the DVD release of 3 Lebanese movies starting the 20th of December 2012: Gate #5, a documentary by Simon El Habre (2011); Sector Zero, a documentary by Nadim Mishlawi (2011) and Everyday is a Holiday a feature film by Dima EL Horr (2009).

A signature will take place at Metropolis Empire Sofil in the presence of the filmmakers on the 20th of December at 6:00 pm.
The DVDs are now on sale at the bookstore of Metropolis Empire Sofil and all branches of Librairie Antoine and Virgin Megastore.

Directed in 2011 and produced by “Abbout Production”, Gate #5 and Sector Zero were screened during Scrapbook, the month of Lebanese cinema at Metropolis Empire Sofil.
Directed in 2009, Everyday Is a Holiday was the opening film of the Arab Film Festival Ayam Beirut al Cinema’iya in October 2010.
The 3 movies were distributed in Lebanon by MC Distribution.

Gate #5:
After the success of The One Man Village, Simon El Habre presented his second feature documentary: Gate #5. The film tackles the lifestyle of truck drivers working at the port of Beirut. Gate #5 competed for the Muhr Award for best Arab documentary, at the Dubai Film Festival (2011).

Sector Zero
A feature documentary directed by Nadim Mishlawi about the Karantina area on the outskirts of Beirut, before, during and after the civil war. Sector Zero
won the Muhr Award for best Arab documentary, at the Dubai Film Festival (2011).

Everyday is a Holiday
After her internationally acclaimed short films (Ready to Wear Imm Ali and The Street) Dima El Horr has directed her first feature film in 2009. The film follows the life of three women going to visit their inmate husbands. Everyday is a Holiday was selected for the Dubai and Toronto Film Festivals.