El truco del manco (The armless’ Trick)

Directed by Santiago A. Zannou On Sunday, September 23

2008 - Spain - Feature film - 87 min - in Spanish with English subtitles
J.M. Montilla 'El Langui', Ovono Candela, Javier Iglesias Bustamante, Elio Sagües

Santiago A. Zannou, Iván Morales
Albert Pascual
Woulfrank Zannou
Produced by :
Media Films S.L.
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Cuajo is the nickname of Enrique Heredia, a rapper suffering a cerebral palsy that makes difficult his mobility. Cuajo has one dream: To set up a music studio where he can create his music. For this he counts on the help of his friend Adolfo, a mulatto of 30 years who badly lives with his alcoholic father. “Don’t say to me it’s impossible” is the principle that guides Cuajo’s life. But this mission will turn out to be quite complicated. He and Adolfo will have to overcome all type of difficulties to achieve their target in a hostile and difficult environment, where violence is everywhere. The capacities of both will reach a state of symbiosis that will allow them to stay afloat. A struggle between fatalism and optimism in pursuit of a dream.

Director's biography


Santiago A. Zannou was born in Madrid in 1977 from a Beninese father and an Aragonese mother. He spent his teenage years in Mallorca, and cinema started calling him when his elder brother worked on the musical score of a short feature. He later moved to Barcelona to study at the Catalonian Center of Cinema Studies (CECC). He made two short films before shooting his first feature film.