Directed by Lars Von Trier On Wednesday , September 26

1991 -Danemark - Hervé Schneid - 113 min - Black and white, Color - In English
With Jean-Marc Barr, Barbara Sukowa, Udo Kier, Ernst Hugo Järegård

Lars Von Trier and Niels Vørsel
Henning Bendtsen,Edward Klosinski and Jean-Paul Meurisse
Joachim Holbek
Hervé Schneid
Produced by :
Tesela P.C.
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In 1945, just after Germany’s surrender, Leo, a young American of German descent, wants to be of help in the old Fatherland. He signs on as sleeping car conductor with the Zentropa Express company, owned by the powerful Max Hartmann, and whose daughter, Katharina, Leo falls in love with. But events soon get out of hand, and Leo finds himself turned into a pawn between the power elite and Nazi terrorists gone underground, the so-called Werewolves.

Director's biography


Born in 1956, Denmark. His graduation film at the National Film School of Denmark, “Images of Relief” (1982) prompted critics to declare that there was nothing comparable in Danish cinema since Dreyer. In a few years, Von Trier became an internationally acclaimed auteur director of feature films. A Cannes laureate, Von Trier has received top awards for six titles: “The Element of Crime” (1984), “Europa” (1991), Breaking the Waves” (1996) “Dancer in the Dark” (2000), recipient of the Palme d’Or, “Antichrist” (2009) and “Melancholia” (2011), the latter three winning the award for Best Actress (Björk, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kirsten Dunst, respectively).