Federico Fellini - 15

Federico Fellini : La Lanterna Magica

From the 5th until the 18th of April 2010

Fellini started his career first as a journalist, a caricaturist, and a scriptwriter before becoming the creator of authentic masterpieces. Not only is he one of the
greatest directors in the history of cinema, but also one of its rare demiurges. Like all genuine artists, he was accused in his lifespan of being many things and their
complete opposite, from “liar, charlatan, hypocrite, clown, demon, monster”, to “magus, poet, prophet, genius, angel, saint”. As a matter of fact, Fellini had
proclaimed himself a liar and impostor. He was first and foremost a tremendous revealer of societies, a tremendous revealer of man’s grey areas. From his “neorealist”
phase to a period of filmmaking marked more and more by autobiography, where any tendency towards traditional chronological narration is
definitively cast off, Fellini’s films have ceaselessly explored the baroque and dreamlike dimension of life itself.