Frio sol de invierno (Cold Winter Sun)

Directed by Pablo Malo On Wednesday, September 19

2004 - Spain - Feature film - 97 min - Spanish with English subtitles
Marisa Paredes, Unax Ugalde, Javier Pereira, Marta Etura, Andrés Gertrudix, Raquel Pérez, Jorge Carrero, José Manuel Cervino, Iñake Irastorza, María Jesús Valdés

Pablo Malo
Pablo Rosso
Aitor Amezaga
Produced by :
Wanda Visión
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Adrian, a handsome young man of twenty-five years, receives a medical discharge in the sanatorium where he enters periodically because of his mental problems. Coming from a wealthy family with no mother, this same morning his father’s lawyer informs him of his intention to abandon the city and to live with another woman, leaving in his name the now empty house. That same night, Gonzalo, a teenager who sorts out his life in sporadic jobs often bordered on offense, unloads a truck from a wrecker’s yard in the early morning. His mother, Raquel, lives badly since many years from street prostitution. The relation with Gonzalo is getting more and more difficult due to his attempts to please Raquel.