It’s All in Lebanon

Directed by Wissam Charaf Daily at 14:30, 17:30, 20:00 and 22:30

Lebanon - 2011 - 62' - In Arabic with English subtitles

Wissam Charaf
Talal Khoury
Anne de Mo
Zeid Hamdan, Wael Kodeih
Rayan Obeidine, Mohab Shaneh Saz
Produced by :
Pierre Sarraf, Monika Borgmann
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After the 17 years of civil war, the Christians, the Muslims, the Israeli invasion, the Syrian ocupation, the Palestinian cause, the 200 000 victims, we thought it was over. For us survivors, the end of the war meant the beginning of peace.

This film tries to retrace, since the end of the Lebanese civil war, the path of a country where war has never ceased to exist, through the image culture of the main protagonists and enemy brothers of post-war Lebanon.

How do Pop and Propaganda co-exist? Why is Beirut the capital of Arab showbiz, for the better and the worst? Pin-up icons or icons of war heroes ? Icons of reconstruction and money or icons of the resistance and war “till the liberation of Jerusalem”?

And most of all, why, 20 years after the official end of the war, have we not been capable of building a nation ?

Director's biography


Born in 1973, Wissam CHARAF is a Lebanese/French director, cameraman and editor. In 1998, he moved to Paris, France, where he began to work with the French/German network ARTE, as a news cameraman, editor and journalist. He has since covered major conflict areas ranging from Lebanon and the Near East to Darfour, Afghanistan, Haiti or North Korea and worked with programs such as ARTE Info, ARTE Reportages, Tracks, Metropolis. He has directed 3 short films : Hizz Ya Wizz », « A hero never dies », and « An army of ants ». This film competed in the Locarno Film Festival, and obtained the Jury prize in the Lunel Film Festival in France.

Wissam CHARAF has also worked as an assistant director on films with Danielle Arbid as well as on music videos with French director Henri-Jean Debon for artists such as Noir Desir, Sinead O Connor, Asian Dub Foundation.

Today, he is directing « It’s all in Lebanon» his first documentary and writing his first full-length feature film, « Back to the jungle».