Directed by Jan Fehse On March 20 at 20:00

Germany - 2011- Color - 120' - German with English subtitles
Anne Schaefer, Wiebke Puls

Christian Lyra
Jan Fehse
Produced by :
Milk Film GbR
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In Jan Fehse’s relentlessly tense and absorbing drama, two women face each other in a room. One, forensic specialist and psychiatrist Dr. Fendt (Wiebke Puls), is trying to understand the seemingly incomprehensible psyche of the other woman, Jasmin (Anne Schäfer), and the horrid crime she has committed – the murder of her own 3-year-old daughter.
Over the course of four days of harrowing interrogation, we accompany Jasmin on a journey into the heart of darkness, and begin to glimpse how the unimaginable came to pass and ended in catastrophe.

Festival :
Film Fest Muenchen 2011

TICKET : 5.000 L.L.