Kingdom of Ants | مملكة النمل

Directed by Chawki el Majri Daily at 14:30, 17:00, 20:00 and 22:30

Palestine| 2012 | 130' | In Arabic with English Subtitles
with Saba Moubarek


Palestine 2002, daily bombing, Apache helicopters and tanks issuing lava claiming lives and coming on everything … Bulldozers demolish homes…
Under the earth … caves and tunnels link the cities of Palestine to each other with ease and safety … witnesses of successive civilizations on this land … Water and green …A world of quietness, serenity and magic. A journey between the apparent and hidden sides of this land, between the bitter reality and the dream, history and myth. A quest for the depth of human tragedy between the ugliness of reality and the dream of the artist.