My Father Is Still a Communist | أبي ما زال شيوعيا

Directed by Ahmad Ghossein Daily at 16:15, 19:15, and 21:45

Lebanon - 2011 - 32' - In Arabic with English subtitles

Ahmad Ghossein
Karam Ghossein
Vartan Avakian
Ramzi Mady
Produced by :
Sharja Art Foundation
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Mariam is the mother of 4 kids, her husband Rachid worked abroad for more than 10 years.

From 1978 until 1988, Mariam’s way of corresponding with her husband was through sending recording radio cassettes with people traveling. The cassettes provide intimate and personal details of how a relationship evolve between a couple through the passing of time, and how this relationship start changing to become challenging. We also understand the direct consequences of the political climate of the country she leads in her everyday life.

Mariam is trying to restore her memory while building her house, seeing the kids growing up in the absence of the father.

Ticket : 5 000 L.L.

Director's biography


Ahmad Ghossein. Filmmaker, video artist and a performer. Born in Beirut 1981.

After having graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from the Lebanese University, he

won the Best Director Prize at the Beirut International Film Festival 2004 for his short film Operation Nb… His film My father is still a communist, intimate secrets to be published commissioned by Sharja art foundation 2011, was awarded spacial mention in Tribeca Doha film festival 2011.

Ahmad has directed several documentaries, short films and videos. Other works include: 210m (2007) commissioned by Ashkal Alwan, Faces applauding alone (2008),

What Does Not Resemble Me Looks Exactly Like Me (2009) with Ghassan Salhab and Mohamad Soueid, An Arab Comes to Town (2008), a documentary filmed in Denmark produced by DR2.

His work has been screened in different film festivals, Museums, galleries around the world to mention a few MoMa, New Museum in New York, Home works Beirut ,Kunsthallen in Oslo, Oberhausen film festival, and berlinale film festival, Berlin.