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To all the students in journalism and in cinema and to all cinema lovers
Watch one or more of the eight films screened in the frame of Scrapbook, and write an article about it. The best article in Arabic will be published in Al Akhbar (2 one-year-subscription to win) and the best article in French will be published in L’Orient-Le Jour (1 three-month-subscription to win). Metropolis Cinema will offer free tickets.
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The Metropolis Association and MC Distribution have the pleasure to present « Scrapbook : A month of Lebanese cinema », a special program dedicated to the productions of Lebanese cinema between 2010 and 2011, starting May 3rd 2012, at Metropolis Empire Sofil.


This program consists in releasing commercially in theaters eight Lebanese films, consecutively between May 3rd and end of June. Each film will be screened for a period of minimum two weeks, four sessions per day. The purpose of this program is to give the opportunity for these films to find their big audience in a theater dedicated more than ever to defending local, rich and varied production.


The program is composed of different genres of films, like the documentary Sector Zero directed by Nadim Mishlawi (First prize Muhr Arab Documentary – Dubai International Film Festival 2011), as well as a fiction, Ok, Enough, Goodbye by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia, screened in a premiere in Lebanon during the European Film Festival 2011 (Black pearl award for Best New Director from the Arab world – Abu Dhabi International Film Festival 2011).


The audience will also have the opportunity to discover other Lebanese films awarded in many festivals like the documentary The Three disappearances of Souad Hosni by Rania Stephan (Renaud Victor prize – Marseille International Film Festival 2011, and Best Arab Documentary filmmaker – Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2011). Other films presented in the program, the documentary Marcedes by Hady Zaccak (Best Arab Documentary / FIPRESCI Award – Dubai International Film Festival 2011). A short documentary will also be screened during the month of Lebanese cinema, My Father Is Still a Communist directed by Ahmad Ghossein.


In addition, the audience will have the chance to see other documentaries like It’s All in Lebanon by Wissam Charraf, Gate #5 by Simon El Habre, and Yamo by Rami Nihawi.
All films are in Arabic with English subtitles

Ticket : 8,000 L.L.
Student price : 5,000 L.L.
Scrapbook pass : 40,000 L.L.