Sommaren Med Monika | Summer With Monika

Directed by Ingmar Bergman On the 3rd of February

Sweden - 1953 - black and white - 96' - Swedish with English subtitles
With Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg, Dagmar Ebbesen, Åke Fridell, Naemi Briese, John Harryson

Ingmar Bergman and Per Anders Fogelström
Gunnar Fischer
Tage Holmberg, Gösta Lewin
Nordgren, Eskil Eckert-Lundin, Walle Söderlund
Produced by :
AB Svensk Filmindustri
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Nineteen-year-old Harry and rebellious young Monika abandoned their jobs in Stockholm to spend the summer together on a remote island. But with the end of summer, their idyllic days are counted as money is running short and Monika gets pregnant.

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“One must see Summer With Monika, if only for the extraordinary moment when Harriet Andersson, before making love with the man she has already thrown out, stares fixedly into the camera, her laughing eyes clouded with confusion, and calls on us to witness her disgust at involuntarily choosing hell instead of heaven. It is the saddest shot in the history of the cinema.”

Jean-Luc Godard, Arts