Sult | Hunger

Directed by Henning Carlsen On Monday , October 1

1966 -Danemark - Black and white
With Per Oscarsson, Gunnel Lindblom, Osvald Helmuth, Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen


Pontus, a young penniless poet, wanders about in 1890 in Oslo, freezing and in search of love and work while trying to preserve his self-respect and integrity. A newspaper editor offers to publish an article by him, but Pontus is too proud to receive an advance payment. When he cannot pay his rent, his landlord throws him out. Hunger exhausts him and blurs the boundary between fantasy and reality. The film is based on Knut Hamsun’s novel.

Director's biography


Born in 1927, Denmark. He has directed several documentaries before turning to fiction. His first feature film, “Dilemma” (1962) is based on a novel by Nadine Gordimer. This was followed by the Swedish production “The Cats” (1964), and “Sult” (Hunger, 1966) for which Per Oscarsson received the Best Actor Award at Cannes. Also known for his portrayal of the French painter Gauguin in “Oviri” (1986), selected for Venice, and the Norwegian-Danish coproduction “Two Green Feathers” (1995), which, just like “Hunger,” is based on a novel by Knut Hamsun. After “I Wonder Who’s Kissing You Now?” (1997), Carlsen turned again to making documentaries.

Festivals and Awards


Best Actor Award for Per Oscarsson 1966, Cannes Film Festival