Directed by José Corbacho and Juan Cruz On Thursday, September 20

2005 - Spain - Feature film - 94 min - Spanish with English subtitles
Elvira Mínguez, Rubén Ochandiano, Ángel de Andrés López, María Galiana, Eduardo Blanco, Darío Paso, Alberto de Mendoza, Rosario Pardo, Darío Paso, Alberto Jo Lee, Amparo Moreno, Anna Barrachina, Blanca pilánez, Ferrán Adriá

José Corbacho, Juan Cruz
Guillermo Granillo
Pablo Salas
Produced by :
Tusitala / Castelao Productions
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Many stories are intertwined in a neighborhood of the big city. The fear of solitude of Mariano and Conchi, two retired persons; the hope and sadness of Raquel, a middle aged woman living her love through Internet; the uncertain future of Cesar and Opo; or Lolo discovering that there is more in his life than his bar through his relation with Mao, the new chef… the life of a working-class neighborhood in a script full of tenderness, comedy and bitterness.

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