The Bitter Honey | العسل المر

Directed by Rida Mouyassar On June, 19 at 20:00

Lebanon and Egypt - 1964 - 90’ - Colours - Digi Beta - in Arabic without subtitles
Kawakeb, Jacqueline, Samir Shams

Rida Mouyassar and Ahmad Izzat
Rouby Breidy
Michel Tamer
Michel Tohme, Sami Sidawi, Mohamed Mouhssen
Produced by :
Saleh Al Ajm
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فيلم مقتبس عن قصة قابيل للسير الانجليزي هول كين (1853-1931

الفيلم يقدمه محمود زيباوي مؤرخ فني و محرر في جريدة النهار

A film based on the interpretation of the story of Cain by Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine (1853-1931).

The film is presented by Mahmoud Zibawi, art historian and editor in Annahar Newspaper.



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