The Filth and the Fury

Directed by Julien temple July 28 at 20:00

U.K- 2000- 108' - In English
With Paul Cook,Steve Jones,John Lydon ,Glen Matlock ,Sid Vicious,Malcolm McLaren,David Bowie ,Alice Cooper

Niven Howie
The Sex Pistols
Produced by :
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A documentary about the punk band The Sex Pistols. The film tries to lit some of the backgrounds of their way through the punk era while telling the story of the band from zero back to zero. Features lots of interviews and comments of folks who were involved.

Director's biography


Julien Temple, Baron Temple (born 26 November 1953 in London) is an English film, documentary and music video director. He began his career with short films featuring the Sex Pistols, and has continued with various off-beat projects, including The Great Rock And Roll Swindle, Absolute Beginners and a documentary film about Glastonbury .Good friends with Herbert Grönemeyer.

According to Samantha Morton, Corbijn mortgaged his house to raise finance for the film Control.