The Suspended Step of the Stork

Directed by Théo Angelopoulos On Sunday, November 18 at 7:30 pm

Greece | 1991 | 35mm | 138’ | Greek with French subtitles
With: Marcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau and Gregory Patrikareas


A young reporter, while working on a story at the border, discovers a divided town bisected by a river which is also the national frontier. He observes a surreal wedding in which the bride and her family stand on one shore and the groom and his relatives on the other. The town, a remote little border town, looks like “the last spot on earth”. The locals have named it “waiting room” because most of its inhabited by refugees from other countries, who at some time crossed the border secretly and are now living there is a ghetto, dreaming of leaving, of starting a new life “elsewhere”. The person is an elderly refugee, who lives there cultivating a field. But the young reporter is certain, that he is the same person with a leading figure of famous Greek politician who disappeared suddenly a few years before, with many questions still marking his disappearance. Finally, there is the image of himself standing on the bridge with one foot suspended in mid air, like a stork. A great river flows underneath, witch separates his country from the others. He has one leg suspended in mid air, like a stork. “If I take one more step, I am… somewhere else, or… I die” A film about despair at the end of the century.

Director's Filmography


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