The Pipe

Directed by Risteard O'Domhnaill On the 2nd of March

Ireland - 2010 - Color - 72' - English and Irish with English subtitles

Risteard O'Domhnaill
Risteard O'Domhnaill
Stephen O'Connell and Nigel O'Regan
Produced by :
: TG4
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Four years in the making, The Pipe tells the story of a tug-of-war between a small coastal community and the combined power of Shell Oil and the Irish State. When Shell develops an off-shore drilling platform, the rights of local farmers and fishermen come under threat. When the citizens look to their State to protect their rights, they find that the government is on Shell’s side. What ensures is a struggle of David and Goliath proportions which halts and splits the community and garners the attention of the entire nation.

*This feature film will be preceded by the screening of the short film “Forty Foot” (2009, 9′, colour, English) dirs.: Leticia Agudo, Paul McGrath, and Aoibheann O’ Sullivan.*

Director biography


Risteard O’Domhnaill had just completed a degree in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin when he began to work as a news cameraman in the west of Ireland. It was through this job that he first came upon the story of a local community living in the path of the pipeline and followed them for three years to produce “The Pipe.”