Welcome, Love | أهلًا بالحب

Directed by Mohammad Salman On June, 16 at 19:00

Lebanon - 1970 - 85’ - Colours - Digi Beta - In Arabic without subtitles
Sabah, Farid Shawqy, Abd Al Salam Al Nabulssi, Abdallah Al Shammas

Ibrahim Al Ariss and Samir Al Ghusseiny
Rouby Breidy
Mohamed Abbas
Elias Al Rahbani, Suheil Arafe, Mohamed Salman
Produced by :
Mahmoud Al Nmeir
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يحلم السائس حسين ان يعيش بين الاغنياء لذا يستعير ملابس من صديقه المكوجى و يذهب الى الحفلات و يتصرف على أساس أنه من الأكابر. و هناك يتعرف على المغنية دينا التى تقع فى غرامه و تصدم حين تكتشف حقيقته…

A grease monkey working in a garage and a famous singer would normally never cross paths. But when he attends a party dressed as a rich man, he catches her eye and they fall in love. But will she forgive him when he confesses the truth?

The film is presented by Ibrahim Al Ariss, researcher in cultural history, journalist and cinema critic





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