What remains

Directed by Cigdem Vitrinel On the 10th of March

Turkey - 2011- Color - 103' - Turkish with English subtitles

Cigdem Vitrinel, Sebnem Vitrinel
Iker Berke
Produced by :
Sebnem Vitrinel, Cigdem Vitrinel
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Her small and safe life is shaken to the core when Sevda learns that her husband is having an affair with Zuhal who is his colleague at the hospital. Sevda’s biggest accomplishment in life is her marriage to Cezmi. Cezmi is her protector, her safety net, her social and emotional safe haven. She is afraid of being left alone, of having to raise her little daughter without a father, of losing her home and her dreams for the future. The “other woman” Zuhal got divorced a couple of years ago and is now a single mother of a sick, 10-year-old boy. Like all single women, she tries very hard to stand alone, with many things taking up her time and energy. Her office affair with Cezmi isn’t only about an unexpected joy and sexual relief to her life, but it’s more importantly about an expectation of safety. Sevda, going along with her mother’s advice, keeps up the day to day flow of their home-life like clockwork, keeping Cezmi in the dark even while she sets out to find Zuhal using all the fastidiousness being a housewife has taught her. However in a short while she realises that Cezmi’s passion for Zuhal runs deep. With the return of Mustafa, Zuhal’s ex-husband, who wishes to win back his wife, the delicate balance between the three of them is completely upset and they are all pulled towards a violent end.