Directed by Belmas Bas On the 9th of March

Turkey - 2010- Color - 93' - Turkish with English subtitles

Belmas Bas
Mehmet Y.Zengin
Produced by :
Seyhan Kaya, Birol Akbaba
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Zephyr is a strong-willed little girl, spending her summer holidays in her grandparents’ house up in the Eastern Black Sea mountains. With her mother often away travelling, she has had to get used to being alone. Zephyr takes refuge in daydreams, creating whole worlds in her mind to cope with her mother’s absence.

Zephyr looks forward to her mother’s return. She spends her days helping her grandparents out with daily tasks, and roaming the outdoors. One day her mother finally and unexpectedly arrives. However, she comes back not to pick her daughter up, but to say goodbye to her before embarking on an even longer journey. Yet Zephyr has made up her mind not to part with her mother ever again.

Film producer Belma Bas will be present