Beirut Animated 2

Beirut Animated – 2nd Edition

2 - 7 May 2011

Beirut Animated is born out of a need to showcase Lebanese and Arab animations and provide a platform in which animators discuss and share their ideas among each other and with the public.
The second edition edifies the festival’s vocation. 20 Lebanese and Arab films. 23 young artists from the region experimenting in two workshops. A carte blanche for Syrian –Danish animator Lina Ghaibeh. A tribute to the late Lebanese artist Edgar Aho. A rediscovery of the Egyptian pioneers of the Arab animation. An audience award for the Best Lebanese Animation..
Through its second edition, the festival is also seeking to expand its horizon. Several collaborations with esteemed festivals and organizations bring different experiences and diverse perspectives.
Beirut animated is first and formost about films. Films by established filmmakers as well as young school graduates. Films that have been awarded in international animation festival and others that have just been finished. Films that tackle daily life issues and films that plunge into a phantasmagoric world. Films made with traditional methods, other made with sophisticated techniques.
All of these works come together in the second edition of Beirut Animated.