International Shorts Program 2

Tuesday June 18

A Morning Stroll (Grant Orchard, UK, 7’)

Out on a Limb (Falk Schuster, Germany, 5’)

Comme des lapins [Chroniques de la poisse, chap. 2] (Osman Cerfon, France, 8’)

A Tangled Tale (Corrie Francis Parks, USA, 5’30”)

Twins (Peter Budinsky, Slovakia, 5’26”)

The Making of Longbird (Will Anderson, UK, 15’18”)

Zseman (Nadja Andrasev, Hanna Carlson, Milan Kopasz, Maja Szakadat, Hungary, 2’41”)

Oh Sheep! (Gottfried Mentor, Germany, 6’40”)

The Pub (Joseph Pierce, UK, 7’45”)


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