Round Trip | مشوار

Directed by Meyar Al-Roumi On Thursday, 22 March at 7:30 pm

Syria | France | Germany | Egypt | United Arab Emirates | 2012 | Color | DCP | 75’ | In Arabic with English and French Subtitles


For Walid, a taxi driver in Damascus, the only place he can steal a private kiss with his love, Suhair, is in his car. When Suhair is invited by her friend to visit Tehran, she and Walid together board a train. Walid and Suhair finally have an opportunity to get to know each other outside of his taxi…


لا يجد سائق التاكسي وليد إلا سيارته ليتبادل القبل مع حبيبته سهير. تتلقى سهير دعوة من صديقتها لزيارة طهران. يستقلّ الحبيبان سوية القطار الذي سيأخذهم من دمشق الى طهران، ما يمنحهما فرصة التعرف على بعضهما أكثر.