The Last Friday | الجمعة الأخيرة

Directed by Yahya Alabdallah On Saturday, 17 March at 8:00 pm

Jordan, United Arab Emirates | 2012 | 88’| DCP| In Arabic with English Subtitles
With: Djamila Sahraoui, Samir Yahia, Ali Zarif


When a forty-year-old divorced father discovers that he needs to undergo an operation which he cannot afford within the next 4 days, he finds himself forced to deal with the life he isolated himself from for the longest time.


أب مطلق في عقده الرابع يكتشف أنه بحاجة للخضوع لعملية جراحية خلال مدة قصيرة وليس في استطاعته تحمل تكاليف العلاج حيث يجد نفسه مضطرا لكسر عزلته والتعامل مع المجتمع من جديد.



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