The Prophet

Directed by Gary Tarn Starting on Thursday, May 16

UK | Italy | Lebanon | USA | Serbia | 2012 | 75’ | English with Arabic and French subtitles
With : Thandie Newton


In The Prophet, BAFTA-nominated director and composer
Gary Tarn (Black Sun, 2005) takes Kahlil Gibran’s classic
novel and spins it into a cinematic exploration of love, life
and loss. An intimate narration, performed by the British
actress Thandie Newton, is integrated into a minimal score
for orchestra, guitar, cello and synthesiser. This fictional text
is juxtaposed against footage shot on Tarn’s solo travels to
Lebanon, Serbia, New York, Milan and London. Finding
beauty in the everyday, the film leaves space for each viewer
to find their own meaning : an uninhibited eye observing the
world through the lens of poetic wisdom.
First published in 1923, The Prophet, Gibran's hugely
popular guide to living, has sold millions of copies worldwide
and was the bible of the 60's counter-culture. It continues to
be read and to inspire people around the world today.

Director's Filmography


2012 The Prophet

2007 The Possibility of Hope

2005 Black Sun