Under Pressure | تحت الضغط

Directed by Julie Bezerra Madsen On Wednesday, 20 March at 6:00 pm

Lebanon | Denmark | 2012 | Color | Blu-ray | 24’ | In Arabic with English subtitles
With: Tarek Ziad Khuluki, Khaled Omran


Two friends fled from Syria and now live in Beirut. With music as their only weapon they struggle not to let fear control their need for expression. But how do you justify having let your loved ones behind? And how do you keep faith in your own mission as an artist on the run?


هرب صديقان من سوريا للعيش في بيروت. مع الموسيقى كسلاحهم الوحيد، يكافحان كي يمنعا الخوف من السيطرة على حاجتهم للتعبير. لكن كيف تبرّر تركك لأحبّائك ورائك؟ وكيف تُبقي الإيمان بمهمّتك وأنت فنّان في حالة فرار؟