Yema | يمّا

Directed by Djamila Sehraoui On Saturday, 17 March at 6:00 pm

Algeria | France | United Arab Emirates | 2012 | 90’| DCP| In Arabic with English Subtitles
With: Djamila Sahraoui, Samir Yahia, Ali Zarif


In a small abandoned house isolated in the Algerian countryside, Ouardia has buried her son Tarik. She suspects her other son, Ali, leader of an armed Islamic group, to be involved in his death. Ali has sent one of his guards to watch her. In this universe, stricken by drought and tense with pain, life tries to reassert itself…


في منزل صغير مهجور ومعزول في الريف الجزائري، دفنت وردية ابنها طارق. هي تشكّ بأن ابنها الآخر، علي، زعيم مجموعة اسلامية مسلحة، له علاقة بموته. بعث علي أحد حرّاسه لمراقبتها. في هذا الكون، الجاف والمليء بالألم، تحاول الحياة تأكيد نفسها…