(Re)discover Georges Nasser

(Re)discover the story of Georges Nasser, the first Lebanese filmmaker ever selected in Festival de Cannes in a double feature program FOR ONE WEEK ONLY at Metropolis Empire Sofil – Achrafieh.

Save the date for this unique limited release! 4 to 10 January 2018 (each film will be screened independently)

ILA AYN ? (1957 – 80min), Nasser’s feature debut, was the first film to represent Lebanon in the official competition at Cannes Film Festival. (Re)discover it in a newly restored 4k version.

A CERTAIN NASSER (2017 – 65min), a feature documentary directed by Antoine Waked and Badih Massaad, retraces the compelling journey of Georges Nasser, the pioneer filmmaker, while also highlighting the birth of Lebanese author cinema and its struggles to exist even until today.

Georges Nasser is 90 years old today.
His eyes still light up at the mention of his greatest love, Cinema.

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  • Ila Ayn?

    Ila Ayn? | الى أين؟

    Directed by Georges Nasser


    A family lives poorly in a village in the Lebanese mountain.

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  • A Certain Nasser

    A Certain Nasser | نصر

    Directed by Badih Massaad and Antoine Waked


    A Certain Nasser is the compelling journey of ninety years old Lebanese filmmaker, Georges Nasser, an idealist who couldn’t adapt to his country’s failing syst

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